Natural History and Botanical Illustration and Calligraphy


Published work includes Ladybird Books, Medici Cards, and Collins Book Bus.

I was recently accepted as a member of the RHS (Royal Horticultural Society), I’m looking forward to exhibiting with them on the near future. My last two years or three have been spent working towards this membership.

There are also plenty of birds and animals to see on this website and I will be adding more soon.

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All of the BOTANICAL work has been drawn from live specimens from hedgerows, gardens ….and flower pots.  The paintings are watercolour on hot-pressed paper and some of the miniature work is produced on vellum, I really enjoy painting in fine detail. The birds and animals are a mixture of sketches from live animals and from photographs.

ILLUSTRATION: Much of my work is for greeting cards or books. Find them on if you are interested in any of the pictures, or contact me for more information. You can see the work on my FACEBOOK page.

CALLIGRAPHY AND LETTERFORM: The calligraphy is written using both traditional dip pens but I’ve also produced writing with calligraphic brushes in Adobe Illustrator or  Painter, depending on the client’s needs.